About Us

HR General LogoHR General LLC is a leading provider of
web-based time and attendance software solutions for companies of any size and industry. With more than 30 years of HR and software development experience, we provide intuitive solutions that help your organization optimize its greatest asset and most manageable expense: its workforce.

The company was founded by staffing and HR professionals who—after an extensive search—opted to design a time and attendance solution to their own expectations. The result? Time and attendance software that is powerful, versatile, user-friendly and leverages the most sophisticated web-based platforms available.

PerfectTIME's web-based functionality extends access to users anywhere an Internet connection is available. It's compatible with a wide variety of leading-edge time-entry portals and additional security features such as photo identification. Our well-rounded selection of data collection products provides a solution for every type of work environment. And PerfectTIME's practical design allows the system to be implemented quickly and mastered easily by administrators, managers and employees.

In addition to delivering reliable, state-of-the-art time and attendance products, HR General provides unrivaled implementation, training and support services. We also specialize in integrating with payroll, human resources, and other critical business systems, which ensures a timely deployment and expedites the return on your investment.

To learn more about how the PerfectTIME family of solutions will change the way you manage your workforce's time and attendance, call us at
866-925-TIME (8463) or request more information.