Badge-Activated Time Clocks

PerfectTIME works with a variety of employee time clocks, allowing you to choose the optimum way to capture employee time.


Proven efficient and economical solutions, Badge-Activated Time Clocks maintain a high level of functionality. You enjoy the benefits of PerfectTIME with the added security, efficiency and accuracy of proximity, magstripe and barcode time clock terminals.

With this option, each employee is issued an employee badge. This badge triggers a clock event when swiped through or passed near the PerfectTIME-compatible time clock. The clock event is instantly recorded by PerfectTIME and stored in the employee's weekly electronic timecard. At week's end, managers log in to PerfectTIME to approve the hours worked.

All clocks have an integrated network (Ethernet) connection, which eliminates the cost of a dedicated PC that systems with just a USB connection require.

These clocks are available for lease at a low monthly fee or for purchase.

As with any of PerfectTIME's time-entry portals, managers have access to real-time employee data 24/7 via web browser.