Biometric time entry is the industry standard for security and precision.


PerfectTIME Biometric Unit
> Q1 Ultra/UltraPremium
> Handkey® II
> HandPunch® 3000
> V-StationTM 4G
> U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader

By requiring employees to clock in and out using optical fingerprint readers, this value-added time-entry portal enables you to realize additional returns on your labor investment.

Biometric technology eliminates time inflation and the risks associated with forgotten or compromised pin numbers, passwords or badges.

Technological advances
in biometrics make this
option surprisingly affordable and extremely reliable. It's also easy to install, scalable to companies of any size and available with add-on features such as photo identification.

As with all PerfectTIME time-entry portals, managers have access to real-time employee data 24/7 via web browser.