PerfectTIME® HR

Your business requires solutions that match its versatility. Built on decades of HR experience, PerfectTIME HR accommodates growing companies of any size and industry by leveraging:

  • The Web's flexibility,
  • Sophisticated time-entry technology, such as biometrics
  • Powerful time and attendance, reporting, scheduling, and benefit/PTO accrual engines, and
  • Seamless integration modules with payroll and other critical business systems.

Core Functionality

  • Scalable to accommodate firms of varying sizes, specialties and requirements.
  • Versatile architecture that supports calculating, viewing, and migrating time data across companies, locations, and departments.
  • HR data interface and integration modules.
  • Latest in biometric technology and other secure time-entry portals.
  • Payroll interface and integration modules.
  • User self-service modules, including:
    • Employee profile builder
    • Administrator Web interface
    • Supervisor/Manager Web interface
    • Employee Web interface
    • Scheduling, benefit/PTO accrual and expense reimbursement
    • Pay policy configuration
    • Payroll data exporter
  • Password-protected access to secure web portals.
  • World-class data hosting facility (Software as a Service model).
  • Global messaging distribution.

Automated Time Management

  • Dashboards of real-time workforce activity.
  • Data "sortable" to approver preference.
  • Individual and group timecard management.
  • Multiple jobs-per-schedule functionality.
  • Automatic email notification of actions required on timecards, Time Off requests, schedules and more.
  • Automatic return of rejected timecard to employee for correction and re-submission.
  • Approvers drill down to examine timecard details, including employee comments.

Business Intelligence

  • Unlimited data storage.
  • Track labor expenses by company, account code, project, department and location.
  • Powerful reporting tools.

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