PerfectTIME® HR

So why exactly should you automate your time and attendance practices? Simply put: because time is money. Every inflated timecard, every hour spent manually managing data, and every human error costs your company. By automating, you can eliminate these inefficiencies and immediately improve your bottom line.

How? Because PerfectTIME HR provides tools that streamline and improve your time and attendance process for your entire workforce.

  • Employers receive a cost-effective and easily implemented solution. Unnecessary expenses—such as excessive administrative work and exorbitant labor costs—are cut. Costly errors are eliminated. Risks are reduced and compliance is increased.
  • Managers and supervisors are empowered by precise real-time reports that clearly define tasks and enable them to make educated, proactive decisions.
  • HR and Payroll staff benefit from meticulous enforcement of even the most complex schedule, attendance, and pay rules; and from the seamless integration of data into existing systems.
  • Employees are granted unrestricted access to information such as schedules, timecards, time-off balances and much more.
  • And with our Software as a Service model, your IT staff is minimally impacted. They are free from tasks such as providing support and handling security, back-up, and server and client issues.

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