PerfectTIME's professionals are committed to ensuring value and success. Leveraging industry best practices, our implementation program is designed to accelerate companywide adoption and the return on your investment.

Implementation, project management and support from PerfectTIME time and attendance.

Our methodical, customized plans are comprised of discovery, system configuration, testing and proper deployment. And we provide remote and/or on-site assistance to ensure that your PerfectTIME solution is fully operational and implemented on schedule.

All updates and upgrades are provided at no cost throughout the duration of our partnership.


PerfectTIME customers experience seamless integration with other applications that use SQL data formats, including Oracle, Informix, Sybase, ODBC and others. Numerous interfaces to leading payroll, HRIS and MIS systems exist, with each having been developed in-house and maintained to remain current with all new releases.