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PerfectTIME® Time and Attendance Software Implemented at the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

July 20, 2010

BOCA RATON, Florida-- The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, the primary philanthropic agency for one of the fastest growing Jewish communities in North America, has implemented PerfectTIME® time and attendance software to streamline operations and improve workforce management. The cost savings and other benefits achieved will allow Federation to further its commitment to maintaining the highest levels of efficiency.

News Facts:

  1. Federation is automating and standardizing the time and attendance processes for all employees. Prior to PerfectTIME’s web-based time and attendance tracking, Federation was reliant upon problematic manual sign-in sheets.
  2. PerfectTIME’s real-time and biometric capabilities promise strong ROI potential by significantly reducing human error in time entry, timecard approval and payroll processing. Additional benefits include a reduction in administrative tasks, easy access to numerous in-depth and real-time reports for managers and executives, and simple, user-friendly employee time off and scheduling modules.
  3. During peak season, Federation increases its workforce to better serve its philanthropic endeavors. PerfectTIME’s ability to accommodate complex pay rules will help manage these payroll fluctuations more effectively. PerfectTIME’s biometric technology will also help control buddy punching and other costly time-inflation practices.

Supporting Quotes:

  1. Mel Lowell, Executive Vice President, Operations and Finance Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

    “After a routine implementation period during which the system was customized to our specific time and attendance needs, PerfectTIME has performed ideally. As an officer of the company with eight direct reports and 40 employees under my operational responsibility, I am impressed by how much easier and more efficient it is for me to keep track of our entire workforce.

    PerfectTIME automatically notifies me in advance when employees are on vacation, so I no longer have to guess. And I am notified on a daily basis who has not reported to work, or who is out of the office. The system also keeps employees on honest arrival and departure times, which will save thousands of dollars and increase productivity.”

About Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County

The Federation raises and allocates millions of dollars each year to meet vital needs locally, in Israel, and in 60 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit

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PerfectTIME® HR Version 1.6.0 Now Available

BOCA RATON, FL - June 15, 2010 - Regardless of size, companies are pressured by the intricacies and competitive nature of business to decrease overall labor costs. A major component to labor cost reduction is the elimination of inefficiencies caused by manual timecard entry and processing.

Leveraging its vast workforce management and software development expertise, HR General LLC is proud to announce the release PerfectTIME® HR version 1.6.0, which features numerous enhancements to the already robust web-based time and attendance software solution.

Available in Software as a Service and On-Premises models PerfectTIME HR features sophisticated technology such as biometrics and the industry's leading time and attendance engine to offer an extensive and flexible set of workforce management tools. Results include:

  • Reduced Administrative Tasks
  • Improved Payroll Accuracy
  • Superior Business Intelligence
  • Maximized Return on Labor Investment
  • Higher Operating Margins

PerfectTIME HR is designed to optimize the workforces of companies of any industry and size and features an array of convenient, secure and accurate real-time time-entry methods, including biometric technology, web/desktop clients, photo identification and interactive voice response technology.

Expert integration teams and comprehensive support help to expedite companies return on their PerfectTIME investment.

For more information on the latest version of PerfectTIME HR, call
866-925-TIME (8463).

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Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital Selects PerfectTIME® Time and Attendance Software to Balance Labor Costs and Quality Care

BOCA RATON, Florida - May 26, 2009 - Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, a state-of-the-art center dedicated to providing infants and children with complex medical needs the highest-quality, multifaceted care, selected PerfectTIME® time and attendance software to streamline operations and automate several workforce management processes, including the time and attendance tracking and scheduling of the hospital's 600 employees.

"From the start, this was a strategic initiative focused on cost control and productivity improvement as opposed to simply replacing outdated timekeeping methods," said Thomas Ellis, vice president of human resources. "We chose PerfectTIME because we wanted a robust and flexible time and attendance solution that would enable us to manage costs while simultaneously delivering the quality of care for which we are known."

Among other objectives, PerfectTIME will modernize MWPH's time and labor data collection and distribution methods to improve payroll and overtime management. For time-entry, MWPH will utilize cutting-edge biometric terminals to improve payroll accuracy and control labor costs. A powerful rules engine will help reduce compliance risks by enforcing hospital policies as well.

The hospital will also implement electronic employee scheduling to manage the complex scheduling and shift patterns within its perpetual work environment.

"PerfectTIME with biometrics will give us real-time visibility of our workforce and eliminate numerous time-consuming administrative tasks," added Ellis. "This, when combined with the scheduling module, will help us ensure that the right people are always in the right place at the right time."

MWPH staff will benefit from PerfectTIME's user-friendly web client, which allows employees and managers to access time and attendance information from anywhere they have access to an Internet browser. Employees can manage timecards, time-off balances and requests, shift availability and much more through an intuitive web interface.

"We're delighted to partner with Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital to help streamline operations and improve its already exemplary service," said Jonathan Ounjian, executive director of business development at CareersUSA, Inc., the staffing and HR technology firm that designed and built the PerfectTIME family of software solutions. "By implementing PerfectTIME, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital is proving its dedication to cost control and patient care."

About Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

Founded in 1922 as a convalescent home for children, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital has become one of the nation's premier centers for treating infants and children with complex medical needs. Rehabilitation and specialty medical care at the 102-bed facility are provided through comprehensive inpatient, outpatient, and day-treatment programs. For more information on MWPH, please visit

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