Software as a Service

Subscribing to PerfectTIME

Some organizations prefer to avoid the initial capital expenditure required to own PerfectTIME and instead choose our SaaS model, which consists of predictable, ongoing monthly payments. In this arrangement, companies are not required to perform the maintenance associated with system ownership, which frees internal IT staff to focus on core business systems. This model allows organizations to reap the benefits of sophisticated time and attendance software while deflecting IT governance and upkeep.

For these organizations, we offer PerfectTIME on a per-employee, per-month basis. You have the option of purchasing or renting any hardware (biometric terminals, etc.) while we maintain the software and performing system upgrades. This model grants you the same functionality, flexibility, and control you get with our On-Premises model, but with nominal IT maintenance requirements and affordable monthly payments.


Owning Your PerfectTIME Solution

Other organizations prefer to "own" their time and attendance application software (including hardware for time-entry portals), and to manage and maintain the software onsite. Some prefer the initial capital expense of this traditional software model, so that they can own the software and pay predictable annual maintenance fees.

For these companies, we offer PerfectTIME through an On-Premises software model. Due to it's streamlined design and our seamless implementation program, PerfectTIME is easy to install and maintain. Companies opting for the On-Premises model can manage the system with a fraction of the internal IT staff time required by other systems.