PerfectTIME® ST

Increased Accountability, Efficiency and Productivity

Replacing cumbersome and risky paper timecards with sophisticated time-entry portals, PerfectTIME® ST modernizes time collection to the touch of a finger, the swipe of a badge, the click of a mouse or a simple telephone call. Clock events are securely recorded, calculated and displayed in real-time via the web for your clients to review, make corrections and approve for payroll.

Automating time entry allows employees to enter hours quickly and reliably, and enables clients to receive timecards on time and on a weekly basis for review.

And because the approval process is also automated, clients can quickly manage your employees' timecards-leaving both of you more time to focus on core responsibilities.

Once approved, an intuitive interface enables you to migrate the data to existing payroll systems without the need for manual calculations, thus reducing billing errors and yielding higher operating margins for your firm.

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User Self-Service

Each participant in the staffing process-internal employee, client, staffing employee and subcontractor-benefits from ST's robust functionality, self-service-oriented features and vast data archiving capabilities.

Administrator Web Interface

For firms the system streamlines and drives the staffing process while providing real-time data management and overviews. Standard administrative tools include:

  • Human resources interface and integration modules
  • Client data imports and profile creation
  • Payroll interface and integration modules
  • Dashboards of real-time workforce activity
  • Dashboards tracking bill rates and usage by company, department and location
  • Flexible, user-defined scheduling of groups or individual employees
  • User-defined configuration of pay policies for date/time, rounding and more.
  • Real-time report generation, including:
Attendance Labor Summary
Audit Punch Missed Clock Event
Audit Transaction Nearing Overtime
Client Approvals Overtime
Daily Activity Payroll Transfer
Exceptions Rejected
Feedback Roll Call
Hours Worked Schedule vs. Actual
Labor Analysis Vacation/PTO/Benefit Accruals
  • Dashboards of outstanding/paid invoices tied to employee timecards
  • Global messaging distribution

Client Web Interface

ST's client interface offers efficiency and business intelligence through:

  • Real-time dashboards of employee activity
  • Automated notification of timecards awaiting approval
  • User-defined hierarchy of internal approval processes
  • Intuitive review and approval processes of individual or group timecards
  • Electronic invoicing tied to approved timecards
  • Robust reporting functionality tracking usage, billing and payment status, and more.

Employee Web Interface

Employees are empowered to view personal HR information, including:

  • Current and archived timecards,
  • Detailed PayStubs tied to timecards,
  • Benefit and PTO accruals,
  • Expense reimbursement,
  • Schedules, and more.

Subcontractor Web Interface

ST also provides enhanced management of your partnerships with subcontracted staffing vendors. By having partner employees enter hours into ST, you:

  • Allow them to initiate the billing process based on hours entered
  • Enable them to track:
      1. Hours worked by their employees in real-time
        View past billings and employee timecards

Nominal Training

ST's user-friendly interface requires minimal training for internal staff, clients, staffing employees and subcontractors. However, comprehensive online Help offers instant access to detailed training information if needed. Additional training is available by phone and webinar. Learn about our in-depth customer training programs.

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Electronic Invoicing

PerfectTIME ST's customized electronic invoicing solution is designed to simplify transactions, eliminate paper invoices and reduce AP processing costs. Clients can view and print current and past invoices that are tied to employee timecards, and you can view up-to-the-minute dashboards of outstanding AR.

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