PerfectTIME® ST

PerfectTIME® ST leverages powerful Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5 and SQL technology—the industry standards for building web-based applications that are easy to manage, deploy and integrate with other networked systems, while seamlessly connecting to emerging technologies and devices. .NET 3.5 not only enables you to enjoy a time and attendance solution that offers access to key information whenever and wherever you need it, but also ensures that implementations, training, support and upgrades are fast and easy.


ST supports staffing firms of all sizes. And by accommodating an unlimited amount of pay rules, schedules, employees and history data, ST can grow alongside your company.

Data Hosting

With our Software as a Service purchasing option, all data is hosted in a world-class, SAS 70-compliant data center that features the highest levels of security and accessibility available. Key controls include:

  • Liebert 600 & APC Silicon SL240KG on-line battery backup systems with N+2 redundancy and built-in static bypass switch, which enables the UPS to transfer the load to utility power without interruption
  • Automatic transfer switches to provide a reliable, safe means of transferring between multiple power sources
  • Custom-built Kohler Power Systems 750KVA auto-start diesel powered generator 24/7/365 CCTV security cameras indoor and outdoor Video surveillance with live Internet stream for personnel to monitor and archive to CDR/tape
  • Biometric palm reader/access card combination and remote access capabilities to integrate the most advanced security techniques
  • Dry chemical fire protection and an ultra-high temperature pre-action sprinkler system as a back up
  • VPN (and outside accessible routers/servers) protected by RSA/Secur ID key fobs
  • Three redundant OC-12 fiber optic rings provide diverse routes to multiple central offices
  • Two PTC/Level(3) OC-48 redundant fiber optic rings
  • One Telcove/Level(3) diverse entry OC-12 ring
  • Unparalleled backbone connectivity via international backbone that consists of transit with AT&T and Level(3), as well as more than 200 additional peering partners throughout the world

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