Time and Attendance Software from PerfectTIME

Choosing a suitable data collection method is a critical phase of your time and attendance process. Since every company is unique, PerfectTIME supports multiple time-entry mechanisms to accommodate even the most complex work environment.

Used individually or packaged together, PerfectTIME's collection technology:

  • Increases efficiency and accountability
  • Promotes employee acceptance
  • Ensures accuracy and ease-of-use

Using a flexible, client-by-client approach, we deploy any combination of the following time-entry portals to meet your requirements.

Biometric Technology:

The industry standard for security and precision.


Conveniently capture clock events in real-time with a heightened level of security and accountability.

Web/Desktop Time Entry:

Places any employee with Internet or intranet access in control of his or her time and attendance information.

Badge-Activated Time Clocks:

Enjoy the benefits of PerfectTIME with the added security, efficiency and accuracy of proximity, magstripe or barcode time clock terminals.


Ideal for situations in which employees have limited or no access to computers.


The perfect fit for tracking your mobile workforce.

Regardless of time-entry portal, all data is recorded in real time by PerfectTIME and viewable 24/7 by managers and employees via web browser.